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Sebastian Schipper on His 134-Minute Single Take Film “Victoria”

Director Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria is a heist film shot in one impressive 134-minute take. Explains Stephen Saito, “After seeing Victoria, it’s understandable that its director only has a vague idea of how it came together as it is one of those rare bits of cinematic magic that there wouldn’t seem to be any rational explanation for. You could put specific numbers on it – filming involved 22 locations, three separate sound teams and six assistant directors making sure that no random civilians stumbled into the shot as Schipper tells the story of an easily impressionable young woman from Barcelona, alone in Berlin, who inadvertently finds herself as part of a heist in one continuous, 134-minute take.

Check out the trailer and a scene from the film below:

“However, there is no way to describe just how Victoria immerses one in the sensation of being overwhelmed by the circumstances life can present, doing so in entertaining fashion as Schipper ups the ante with flying bullets, piano solos and car chases.

“The result is exhilarating, which is the only outcome Schipper was going to accept after his mind began to wander from a more traditional screenplay he was working on to a more ambitious undertaking, both for his characters and for himself.” To read the full article, click here.