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Sebastian Junger on Making His War Documentary ‘Korengal’

Director Sebastian Junger talks to The New York Times about his new documentary, Korengal, which serves as a companion piece to his Oscar-nominated documentary with Tim Hetherington, Restrepo. Korengal was made after Hetherington was killed while covering the Libyan civil war, and features footage that had to be cut out of Restrepo because of time constraints.

Says Junger, “After Restrepo came out and was successful, Tim and I talked about this incredible amount of material that was amazing that we couldn’t get in. And it wasn’t that it didn’t make the cut; we just couldn’t fit it in. So we pitched a three-part show to National Geographic, and they were not interested. And then Tim was killed, and then two years later I revisited the idea…I knew the film would be coming out around the time American forces were moving homeward at the end of a decade of two wars. I wanted to make a film that was for the soldiers, that would help them understand their experience and by extension help civilians understand their experience.”

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