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Sean Pecknold Takes Inspiration from ’90s Graphics for Animated/Live-Action Music Video Hybrid

Director Sean Pecknold combines 2D animation with live-action footage in his music video for Nicolas Godin’s “Orca,” which he says was–in part–inspired by the intro to the ’90s PBS science program 3…2…1…Contact.

Pecknold tells Promo News, “The graphics were meant to be simple, inspired by the 8-bit sound of some of the synth instruments in the song. We looked at the graphics in a lot of old video games from the late 80s and early 90s as well as early experimental film work by Richard Bailey and John Whitney. We then filmed some short shots of actors performing some simple parts of the song with handmade graphic instruments to expand the graphic world and add a human element to it.”

Watch below.