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Scaling Mountains with the Zacuto Enforcer

I shoot in unforgiving environments. Some shots require that I lean out into the open air hundreds of feet above the ground with a rope as my only connection to the world. Other shots force me to climb early in the morning with tightly gripped ice axes, trying to get the perfect frame as the dawn hovers over frozen mountains. My equipment must be tough, reliable, small, light, fast to set up and easy to use. Enter the Zacuto Enforcer.

Jonn Jeanneret

I took the Enforcer up rock cliffs, over the ocean in a kayak and long-tail boat, and repeatedly tossed it down in the sand, where it would lie in the sun for hours. The Enforcer took more than a few good bumps on the rocks. None of this rough treatment fazed it at all. It still opened and closed as smoothly as it did on day one. Its shiny black paint mocked my pathetic attempts to put it through the wringer.

I attach the Enforcer to a climbing sling so I can wear it over my shoulder. It’s there when I need it and out of the way when I don’t. Folded up, the Enforcer is a little bit bigger than my hand. It’s very light at 1.2 pounds, but its metal body also feels tough.

If you want the best and would rather worry about your shot than about your gear, the Zacuto Enforcer is the rig for you.