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Sarofsky Plays with Scale and Size in ‘Ant-Man’ Titles

For the title sequence of Marvel’s Ant-Man, created by Sarofsky, a camera descends through a dark universe, moving from one field of luminescent shapes to others, as top credits appear framed inside boxes that are interlocked with the camera’s point of view.

“One of our favorite aspects of the film is how they switch scale so seamlessly,” explains company principal and executive creative director Erin Sarofsky. “That interest led us to explore a few solutions that were exclusively about scale.”

Sarofsky’s solution is an homage to the iconic 1977 “Powers of Ten” short film directed by Charles and Ray Eames, though it also draws inspiration from Ant-Man itself. “We wanted to develop a look that connected visually to the film without feeling like just another scene in the movie, where we could depict the macro and micro worlds in the same visual language,” Sarofsky adds. 

Ant-Man – Main On End Titles from Sarofsky on Vimeo.