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Sans Digital Offers TR4UT, TR5UT RAIDs With Free eSATA 6Gbps HBA

Sans Digital, a leading provider of high-performance storage subsystems, is introducing two new hardware RAID models TR4UT/TR4UT-B and TR5UT/TR5UT-B, expanding their award-winning TowerRAID storage product line.

The TR4UT/TR4UT-B is a 4-bay tray-less enclosure while the TR5UT/TR5UT-B is a 5-bay enclosure with removable trays. With over 200MB/s in performance, both models are designed with eSATA and USB 2.0 interfaces, supporting RAID 0, 1/10, 3, 5 and CLONE (N-Way Mirror). The packages also include a free 2-port eSATA 6 Gbps PCIe 2.0 x1 host bus adapter for computers where eSATA ports are unavailable.

Due to the complexity of hardware RAID engines, hardware embedded RAID enclosures always marketed at high price points. Users often wish to take advantage of the high performance benefit of hardware RAID, but are unable to afford such units. The TR4UT/TR4UT-B and TR5UT/TR5UT-B are designed to fill this gap by providing high performance, yet affordable, RAID solutions. The embedded and dedicated hardware RAID engines are capable of providing over 200MB/s under RAID 0/10/3/5, maximizing the existing eSATA bandwidth. Performance is doubled under RAID 0 mode and 6x faster under RAID 5 mode, in comparison to software RAID products. The packages also include the latest 2-port eSATA 6Gbps PCIe 2.0 x1 controller (HA-HIG-R622, valued at $65), which allows an improved eSATA performance at no additional cost. The MSRP of TR4UT/TR4UT-B and TR5UT/TR5UT-B are $289 and $349 respectively, which are lower than the selling prices of similar products in the market.

In addition to the performance increase and the bundled 6Gbps eSATA PCIe controller, the TR4UT/TR4UT-B and TR5UT/TR5UT-B are designed with various advanced features. The instant RAID availability feature allows immediate access to the unit without the need to wait for RAID initialization. RAID configuration done by setting the RAID switches located on the back of the units. A new RAID mode, CLONE / N-Way Mirror, is introduced to replicate the saved data throughout each installed hard drive for maximum protection. Information on RAID configuration and unit status could be obtained from the LED or via the included monitoring software utility. “These new units took the existing TowerRAID product line to a new and superior level,” said Grandy Chen, Sans Digital President. “With a free bundled 6Gbps HBA, the TR4UT and TR5UT are proven to be the best hardware RAID solutions in both value and performance.”