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Samuel Abrahams Explains His Charming Online Film About Offline Dating

Samuel Abrahams’ short documentary Offline Dating follows Abrahams’ friend Tom as he experiments with asking strangers out on dates without the medium of an online dating profile. Shot, edited and uploaded in just a month, Abrahams calls his charming short “an online film about offline dating.”

He tells Short of the Week, “Recently, I noticed that so many of my single mates had become hooked on swiping left or right, on apps like Tindr, Happn, and Bumble. These apps have become the default way to meet people–but where does that leave the good old fashioned way. Have we lost our confidence, or are we just not interested anymore? I wanted to explore what could happen, in one weekend, if we invested more time and energy into meeting new people–in real life.”

Watch below.

OFFLINE DATING from Samuel Abrahams on Vimeo.