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Samsung Ad Uses Light Speed to Capture 1 Billion Colors QLED

TV ad used the idea of traveling at the speed of light to showcase a massive array of colors

Paris is known as the City of Light, so it served as a fitting backdrop for a new Samsung ad, produced by R/GA, for its QLED TV. Viewers follow a ray of light as it travels across the city and reveals, as the commercial claims, a billion different colors.

To do this, an algorithm was created to keep track of all the different color and replace any that might have been lost in the production process. But to tell the story of the light, they needed to effectively convey the speed of light, which meant each frame needed to be frozen in time.

“To create the effect, R/GA and its production partners used cameras on cranes, drones and dollies to capture everything—with special effects used only sparingly for things like broken glass and raindrops. Creating the slow-motion effect required focusing on every little detail of the film—a woman’s dress and an engagement ring, a boxer’s glove, and a pin before it drops,” explains Chris Northam, R/GA Group ECD.

Watch the ad below, or read the full article detailing the production at Adweek.  Watch a video on the making of the commercial here.