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Sachtler Supports Strenuous “Beast Simulator” Shoot

In the short film “Beast Simulator,” Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer attempt to take down an enemy outpost but are unexpectedly confronted by a series of hilarious CGI animal attacks. Directed by Gorski and Pueringer and produced by Jake Watson, all of Corridor Digital, “Beast Simulator” was shot with a RED camera supported by Sachtler gear.

Because several scenes take place on top of a mountain, the filmmaking team had to hike with their gear. “We relied on our Sachtler Video 20 S1 system, not only because it is lightweight and easy to transport, but because it has a single-man lever that you can use to raise and lower the legs,” explains Pueringer. “That came in handy for this shoot, since we often set the camera up in rather precarious situations where you could really have only one person standing with it. Even with a RED camera mounted on it, we were able to man it solo, which was an incredibly useful feature.

A still from “Beast Simulator.0

“Weight was also a factor on this shoot because we needed to set the tripod up on the side of some sandy hills that would have crumbled away under any more weight,” Pueringer adds. “It was very loose and crumbly, but I just dug in the Sachtler legs and did my shooting single-man without any problems.”

Pueringer notes that the Corridor Digital team typically chooses gear that is “light, mobile and not dependent on outside factors to work.”