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Ryerson University Calls the Shots with PESA Live

To generate greater audience participation and enthusiasm for the 2015 CIS National Men’s Final 8 Basketball Tournament, which was held this March at Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre, the RTA School of Media partnered with PESA Live to create a multichannel streaming video app available for download by all fans in the stadium.

The PESA Live app is part of the PESA Live Services (PLS) system, which is built around the PESA Xstream streaming media appliance. The free app works with Android and iOS devices to stream video to a quad-screen display. Users select which of the synchronized video sources they’d like to watch during a live event, and they’re able to compose tweets within the app without missing any of the action.

During the basketball games, RTA students produced multicamera content for the feeds as well as a promotional video for PESA Live. Ryerson computer science students and technical staff helped to create the application.

Partnerships with industry are very important for our students. Creating this app with PESA allowed them to apply their skills to innovate the way audiences engage with live broadcasts and with each other. Two Ryerson students have taken positions at PESA to continue their work on the project, which is a great thing for the individuals and the school.

During events, the PESA Live app also allows content producers to add logos and other branding to the video, as well as insert revenue-generating advertising.

Rick Grunberg is associate professor at the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University.