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Ry Russo-Young Directs Charming Branded Series for Cotton

Director Ry Russo-Young talks to Cool Hunting about Common Threads, the series of branded short films she directed for Cotton. Without any dialogue, the films showcase how cotton plays an important part in the lives of two disparate people and professions.

She explains, “The casting process was extremely collaborative; we all worked together to find real people (as opposed to actors) and create interesting juxtapositions between them…There were many factors that went into the decision making of the Common Threads series: casting, locations, the split-screen effect, how cotton would be incorporated into each narrative, variation. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were seeing inside each person’s world and living with them and the dual image put emphasis on finding commonalities within those worlds. So again, casting was crucial to this project, as it was casting worlds, not just individuals. I wanted to find people who would have interesting professions and homes that would also be somewhat unexpected in the context of cotton.”

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