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RVLVR Monitors VR Commercial with Teradek Sphere

RVLVR Labs, a VR/AR technology and production company founded by director Nick Bicanic, was brought on board to oversee a VR commercial project for Comcast’s Xfinity brand. Bicanic chose to shoot with a prototype of ImagineVision’s Z-Cam S1 Pro camera, a genlocked, unibody, four-camera VR rig that captures a full-resolution 360° image from four Micro Four Thirds sensors.

In order to film confidently, he opted for wireless 360° monitoring via Teradek’s Sphere. The cameras were connected via four HDMI outputs to Sphere, a 360° monitoring and streaming device with a native, iPad-based stitching engine. An iPad Pro was then connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Sphere, allowing his team to monitor every shot on iOS devices while the camera and Sphere were mounted on a remote-controlled Spherica rover.

The iPad Pro was kept in the video village for dialing in the stitch, while multiple iPod Touches monitored the 360° feeds in rectilinear and panoramic view. When the 360° rig began recording, the camera sent 1080p video/audio feeds to Sphere; from there, the feeds were transmitted to an iPad Pro, where the stream was recorded for dailies and proxy edits.

Teradek Sphere allowed Bicanic and his crew to be more mobile on set and helped them shoot the 360° experience with confidence. “I firmly believe the only way to direct 360° videos is with a real-time stitched preview that simulates exactly what the viewer will see, and the best and most flexible cinematic 360° real-time preview device on the market today is the Teradek Sphere.”