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Runner Streams Tokyo Marathon with ikan Stabilizer

As a runner with a keen interest in consumer technology, I’ve used the Tokyo Marathon as an opportunity to put the latest mobile video solutions to the test. I have live-streamed my entire run for the past eight years, using multiple cameras while providing continuous commentary.

Stabilization has always been a problem. Until now I’ve used ikan’s shoulder rigs to mount a camera pointing at my face, but shots of the road ahead were still very shaky. This year was my first marathon with a powered gimbal stabilizer, and both my live viewers and I were blown away by the difference it made. I mounted a GoPro HERO4 on the ikan FLY-X3-GO, with the video streaming via Wi-Fi to the Periscope app on my iPhone.

I didn’t need do any calibration—it worked perfectly out of the box and remained steady throughout the run. Of the three available modes, I used semi-follow mode, which allowed me to easily adjust the pitch depending on whether I was pointing the camera at the road from down by my side, interviewing a runner next to me, or holding it above my head for a wide shot.

Despite constant movement, I got about 90 minutes of use on a single set of batteries. At one point I also connected my GoPro via USB to charge its battery.

Joseph Tame is a performance artist, inventor and digital media producer at Wild Tame Co. (