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Royalty Free Music Available with 2 New Products from CSS Music

CSS Music

announces two new ways to access thousands of royalty free music tracks and sound effects with “All the Quality at Half the Price” — the UltraEdit” LE hard drive and Q-Tunes” CD-ROMs.

CSS Music, a provider of royalty free music and sound effects for film and television producers, announces two new ways to access thousands of audio tracks. The new UltraEdit” LE provides over 10,000 royalty free music tracks in a convenient hand-held 20 gigabyte hard drive, while the Q-Tunes” CD-ROM provides full CD-quality sound with the space-saving compression of MP4.

The UltraEdit LE hard drive system contains all of CSS Music’s libraries of royalty free music and sound effects, as well as an onboard database for instant searching capabilities. Each royalty free music track contained in the 20 gigabyte hard disk drive comes in MP3, MP4, or WAV format. The UltraEdit LE can connect easily to both MAC and PC using Firewire or USB, providing instant access and management to the thousands of royalty free music tracks and sound effects.

CSS Music also offers all of their 17 royalty free music libraries on a total of 27 CD-ROMs. Called Q-Tunes, these CD-ROMs are packed with royalty free music tracks encoded in MP4(AAC) format, delivering a nearly indistinguishable CD-quality sound without the need for hundreds of CDs. By utilizing MP4 compression technology, all of CSS Music’s royalty free music libraries—260 CDs worth—can be browsed in 27 Q-Tunes CD-ROMs.

Because of the capabilities of MP4, CSS Music can offer the $4985 worth of CD-quality royalty free music on the UltraEdit LE hard drive at a less-than-half-the-price value of $1995. This same value is available with all 27 Q-Tunes CD-ROMs, or individually at varying prices.