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Rorke Data Enhances Data Integrity/Capacity for Serial ATA-Based Galaxyi RAID Product Line

Amsterdam, Netherlands—At the International Broadcaster’sConsortium (IBC) 2003, Rorke Data together with its sister company BellMicroproducts Europe BV (both subsidiaries of San Jose-based BellMicroproducts, Inc.), announced the addition of a new firmware suite ofRAID storage management features, called RAID Watch featuring MediaScan. The new suite is designed to enhance data integrity, broaden RAIDexpansion and access, as well as increase the performance andmanageability capabilities of Galaxyi RAID storage arrays.

Major features include access to as much as 64 terabytes (TB) perarray, intelligent drive management and enhanced responsiveness tocritical conditions. “Rising performance expectations of storagesubsystems and the popularity of lower-cost SATA-based RAID arrays,present increased challenges to data integrity,” said Joe Rorke,Vice President of Marketing for Rorke Data. “Intelligent drivehandling with Media Scan enables storage users to protect their data ata much lower cost, while adding significantly higher data integritythan was previously possible.”

The Java-based RAIDWatch management software will be added to theGalaxyi product line, to include support for Rorke’s new SerialATA (SATA) RAID controllers and subsystems, including the Galaxy 16i& 12i subsystems.

“Media Scan examines the drives on the RAID to detect thepresence of damaged sectors and bad blocks,” explained PamMoeller Director Technical Support for Rorke Data. “If any arefound, that data is automatically stored to undamaged sectors. If badblocks are encountered on yet another drive during the rebuild process,those blocks or sectors are earmarked to prevent further use. Therebuild process of the unaffected sectors will carry on,”continued Moeller, “thus enabling users to extract data fromdegraded or damaged disks. Its ability to work in both degraded modeand during rebuild operations to re-construct the array demonstratesthe versatility of bad block management in minimizing the potential ofdata loss.”

In addition to offering support for up to 64TB per array or logicaldrive (LD), Rorke Data’s new firmware suite allows access up to1024 host logical unit numbers (LUNs) and 64 partitions per LD.Flexible configurations are possible down to the individual array levelthrough variable striping size from 4KB to 256KB and flexible writecache policy.

“In ATA-based disk arrays, there is an increased probabilitythat bad blocks may simultaneously occur on two member drives in asingle array, jeopardizing data integrity,” stated Thomas Bayens,Director of Marketing for Infortrend, OEM RAID component supplierpartner for Rorke Data. “Intelligent drive handling and automaticcache switching are particularly important for protection ofinexpensive SATA and ATA hard drives, which can be more susceptible todisk failure than enterprise-class, lower capacity Fibre and SCSI diskdrives. Incorporated into Rorke Data’s Galaxyi, the new firmwaresuite gives organizations an added safety net.”

Visit Rorke Data’s Booth at IBC, September 12 th -16 th 2003,RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam and see how the Rorke Galaxy RAIDproducts enable end-to-end storage workflow, from ingest and edit, tobroadcast and archive.

About Rorke Data
Rorke Data is a full digital storage solutions provider with expertisein Fibre-Channel RAID, SAN, DVD, tape and optical libraries, Unix, NTand Mac environments, high bandwidth networks, and related professionalservices. Founded in 1985, Rorke Data, is a subsidiary of BellMicroproducts, San Jose, Calif., and is composed of four divisions:Medical Diagnostic Imaging, Digital Video & Broadcast, DigitalPrepress & Publishing, as well as a Technical Services division.More information about Rorke Data can be found at Rorke Data is awholly-owned subsidiary of Bell Microproducts, Inc. (Nasdaq: BELM).

About Bell Microproducts
Bell Microproducts is an international value added provider of a widerange of high technology products, solutions, and services to theindustrial and commercial marketplace. The company’s offeringincludes semiconductors, computer platforms, peripherals, and storageproducts of various types including desktop, high-end computer andstorage subsystems, Fibre-Channel connectivity products, RAID, NAS andSAN storage systems and back-up products. Bell Microproducts is anindustry-recognized specialist in storage products and is one of theworld’s largest storage-centric value-added distributors.