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Rodeo FX Races with ‘Lucy’ in Cinematic Car Chase

Rodeo FX completed more than 160 visual effects shots for Luc Besson’s Lucy, including a car chase through the streets of Paris. Rodeo VFX supervisor François Dumoulin explains, “Luc Besson had this great idea of capturing on video the major crashes using miniature cars. Rodeo FX generated a 3D pre-vis [from this], and then VFX supervisor Nicholas Brooks and stunt coordinator Michel Julienne supervised the shoot.

“Everything was done according to plan,” says Dumoulin, “but Besson wanted more cars, more action and more crashes, which meant adding CG cars and enhancing the car shots.” The Rodeo FX artists modeled, animated, textured and integrated the CG cars into the streets of Paris using various shooting elements.