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The Road To NAB: Cameras & Cinematography

Technology developers are busy making preparation for NAB 2007 and according to Shoot magazine, one of the most anticipated areas will be cameras and related film and digital workflows that involve tools for on-set color correction, metadata and tapeless storage.

Among those is the debut of Sony’s F23, the high-end addition to the CineAlta line of digital 24p systems. Another company that will be carefully watched is Oakley founder Jim Jannard’s startup Red, which is promising the first showing of the developing Red One camera. Many view the news of the developing technology, that for a base price of $17,500 would produce 4k imagery, as an important one that could help the democratization of filmmaking by bringing advanced capabilities to the masses.

Grass Valley, the maker of the Viper camera, had late last year revealed that it was developing a “Viper Plus,” a new version of the camera, but as of now the company remains tight-lipped about details. Munich-headquartered ARRI’s camera exhibition will emphasize both Super 16mm and HD image acquisition. More specifically, it will showcase the Arriflex 416 Super 16mm camera and the Arriflex D-20 digital cinematography camera, along with two additions to the Master Prime line of lenses.

Panasonic is planning to arrive at NAB with news on its P2 technology. It will introduce a 16GB P2 card for its line of P2-based solid-state camcorders with deliveries scheduled to begin in May. In addition, Panasonic also announced that it’s developing a 32GB P2 card that will be available by the end of the year. Panasonic’s currently slated announcements also include the introduction of the AG HPX5000, a new ‘workhorse” camera in the P2 line designed for independent producers and targeted for a May release.

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