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Rhapsody Optimizes Performance and Quality with Limelight

Rhapsody (and its Napster brand) is a leading streaming music service with close to 3.5 million paying customers and a catalog that exceeds 35 million songs available in more than 30 countries. Founded in 2001, Rhapsody grew quickly and was challenged to find an efficient way to scale globally to meet customer demand while ensuring a high-quality listening experience anywhere in the world, on any device.

Rhapsody implemented the Limelight Orchestrate Platform with Content Delivery and Cloud Storage Services, which enabled the company to consistently deliver millions of songs to customers in milliseconds, across a wide variety of connected devices. With Limelight’s Cloud Storage, Rhapsody is able to place its vast library of more than 35 million songs closer to the end user, resulting in improved speed of delivery globally and a high-quality listening experience. This structure has led to improved end-to-end performance, so when users request a song, there is lower latency. The song is able to come from a warm cache, reducing the number of hops it takes to go back to origin, thus getting to the listener significantly faster.

For 15 years Rhapsody has worked closely with Limelight to find solutions to optimize performance and deliver high-quality content to its growing customer base. As Rhapsody continues to grow its subscriber base, company executives know that Limelight has the bandwidth to allow them to handle traffic demands and enable their music service to scale in volume and geographic presence.