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Renderosity Art Community Joins Forces with ReallusionRenderosity Art Community Joins Forces with Reallusion


Renderosity Art Community

officially announced a new partnership with Reallusion, the developers of CrazyTalk, FaceFilter and the new iClone animation software.

With support and cooperation from Reallusion, Renderosity opened a new iClone Interactive Entertainment Forum and iClone Art Gallery. Digital artists can learn more about this product and interact directly with the developers and with other artists to discover the full range of features and output now available to them, get the latest tips and tricks and to share their creations.

iClone immerses users in a total 3D environment with all the tools needed to construct fully animated 3D characters and 3D scenes complete with custom props, scenery, outfits and motions. iClone brings 3D animation to a new level with interactive, real-time rendering for instant 3D entertainment.