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Relive the Twisted World of Banky’s Dismaland with Short Film

Banksy’s Dismaland–a twisted, irreverent take on Disneyland–was a full-on amusement park/art installation that ran for a month in the UK. Though the park itself is gone, filmmaker Jamie Brightmore managed to capture many of the park’s most interesting rides and pieces for posterity with his short film, “Dismaland: The Official Unofficial Film.”

As he writes on his blog, “As with all of Banksy’s past events, the over­all tone of the Dis­ma­land exper­i­ence is frankly hil­ari­ous, you can’t help but laugh and smile at the absurdity of where you find your­self. It was cap­tiv­at­ing, absorb­ing, and fun. How­ever it’s easy to get caught up in this and for­get about the under­ly­ing mes­sages being presen­ted, some were obvi­ous, some more lat­ent, and some purely audi­ence par­ti­cip­at­ory. I wanted to draw atten­tion to these in part, whilst also cap­tur­ing the eph­em­eral event in a cine­matic way for posterity.

Watch below.