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RED Weapon Handles Different Looks for WWII Drama ‘Allied’

Robert Zemeckis’s Allied is about two WWII-era spies who fall in love and start a family–only to have one of them realize things may not be as they appear.

Zemeckis chose to shoot most of the film in a London studio, citing his desire to control the environment. It was shot with a RED Weapon 6K and Red Weapon Vista Vision 8K cameras.

“We liked the 8K Weapon for the added detail in the composite shots,” cinematographer Don Burgess tells American Cinematographer. “Those were the only two cameras we used on the film. The [Weapon] is a smaller and lighter camera, but with a bigger chip, and it’s great for the way Bob and I like to shoot — a lot of work on cranes and a lot of moving cameras. That image gave us great detail, and I like the way it handled highlights and shadows. In testing, it seemed to me I could get the different looks needed to tell this story.”

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