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RED Introduces DRAGON, REDlink and RED ROCKET-X at NAB

RED Digital Cinema introduces the 6K sensor RED DRAGON, the REDlink family of wireless products and the RED ROCKET-X at NAB this week.

RED Dragon

The RED DRAGON for RED EPIC shoots in 6K Resolution at 100 frames per second with impressive native dynamic range. The RED DRAGON sensor translates to 9 times more resolution than High Definition and over 19 megapixels. RED EPIC and SCARLET owners will be able to upgrade their existing sensors to RED DRAGON.

RED has also launched its REDlink family of wireless products which is comprised of the Meizler Module, REDSync Master, REDlink Wireless Receivers and the REDSync App. Transmit video, audio, and timecode wirelessly and control it all from an iOS app.

REDlink family of products.

Optimized for the 6K Dragon sensor, RED ROCKET-X is a REDCODE acceleration board designed to enhance 4K playback and transcoding. RED ROCKET-X provides real time 4K playback directly to your 4K display or projector. Compared to the previous RED ROCKET, RED ROCKET-X processes and transcodes files 5x faster.

Also on display at the NAB Show is the REDRAY, RED’s 4K Professional Cinema Player. REDRAY is the first commercially available 4K cinema player.