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Red Giant Launches Mobile Portfolio App for the New iPad with Instant Cloud Sharing to Dropbox and FTP

Red Giant has released Magic Bullet Arsenal, an elegant new presentation app designed for Apple’s iPad that shows and shares creative work. For every professional who uses photos and videos to communicate, Arsenal creates rich, customized portfolios on an iPad, then easily shares each portfolio using Dropbox, FTP or email. Arsenal works on all versions of the iPad and is beautifully optimized for the new iPad and its Retina display.

Magic Bullet Arsenal organizes media into easy graphic Collections which can be browsed as full-screen images or as slideshows using a unique Light Table display. Each Collection can be branded for a personalized, professional look, and instantly shared with an unlimited group of people using DropBox, FTP or email.

A free Arsenal Reader app makes Collections available to every iPad user. Arsenal keeps Collections in sync and updated for everyone, making it a simple way to share a professional portfolio across the cloud.

“Ever since I got my first iPad, I’ve used it as a mobile portfolio. But I was missing an app for organizing both stills and video into simple, beautiful presentations,” said Stu Maschwitz, filmmaker and Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Creative Director. “Arsenal lets me show off and share my customized visual presentations, and update them on the fly, even after I’ve sent them off.”

A Simple, Elegant Way for Filmmakers and Photographers to Share Creative Work:

●    Brilliant Clarity with Retina Display Support: Arsenal is fully ready for the new iPad, showing simple, gorgeous presentations that look incredible on its Retina display.
●    Arsenal is Easy to Browse. The Light Table display is a unique way of browsing images and movies, and Collections can browse unlimited slideshow ‘Strips’ that scroll and view independently.
●    Arsenal Files are Tiny. An Arsenal Collection can be emailed from the app, then opened by recipients to show exactly the presentation that was designed, including a logo or brand.
●    Collections are Always in Sync. Once Arsenal shares a Collection to Dropbox, FTP or an exported file, it keeps that Collection updated for every viewer, so the presentation can be changed anytime.
●    The Arsenal Reader App is Free. Share an Arsenal project file with anyone — all each colleague needs is an iPad and a network connection.
●    Ideal for Professionals in a Client-Based Business. From an editor showing dailies to a director, to a real estate agent updating house photos, Arsenal provides a simple, elegant way to show a business’s best work. Collections are easily customized by adding logos, custom fonts and themes that give a polished, professional look.

Pricing and Availability
Magic Bullet Arsenal for the iPad is available immediately from the Apple App Store and is priced at $4.99. The Magic Bullet Arsenal Reader app is a free download from the Apple App Store and available now to share Arsenal files with iPad users who don’t own Arsenal.