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The Recoil: A Sub-$100 Shoulder-Mount Stabilizer from Ikan

There is a lot to like about the Recoil, a shoulder mounted stabilizer
from Ikan: It is light; portable; offers three points of body contact;
and best of all, is attractively priced at just under $100. The Recoil
is made of a resin composite which accounts for its light weight and
durability. The Recoil consists of a padded shoulder hook-arm/adjustable
chest pad assembly, a long base plate, a short riser base plate, and a
grip. According to Ikan, when using just the long base plate, the Recoil
can support a load of up to ten pounds. The beauty of the recoil is
that the base plates and grip offer a degree of customization for users.
By way of example, I have mounted the short riser in the reverse of
what is shown in the Ikan instruction guide in order to shorten the
distance between my eye and the LCD display. The Recoil also can be used
in conjunction with Ikan’s Element Fly series of stabilizers offering
the ability to accommodate additional accessories that Ikan offers such
as lights, monitors, and their Friction Focus.

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