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RealNetworks Releases Helix DNA Producer Source Code to Helix Community

Over 5,000 Developers Join Helix Community Since July

Source Code Enables Wave of New Digital Media Creation Productsfor Professional, Industrial and Consumer Markets

SEATTLE- RealNetworks, Inc. announced that the Helix DNA Producersource code is now available to software developers through the HelixCommunity at HelixDNA Producer is the core source code of RealNetworks’ Helix Producer,which thousands of content creators already use to create RealAudio andRealVideo content. RealNetworks also announced that more than 5,000software developers have registered in the Helix Community since theinitial launch of the community in July.

Helix DNA Producer source code will enable application and contentdevelopers to build multi-format content creation products for PCs, Webcams, traffic cameras, personal video recorders, mobile phones and manyother devices. Helix DNA Producer is the second release of source codeinto the Helix Community. In late October, RealNetworks released theHelix DNA Client source code with support from Nokia, PalmSource, RedHat, Symbian and thirteen other companies.

“Momentum for Helix continues to accelerate. Today’s announcementbuilds on the tremendous developer response to the Helix DNA Client,”said Rob Glaser, founder and CEO, RealNetworks, Inc. “Now with theHelix DNA Producer we are taking Helix to the next level, by making iteasier than ever for developers to create applications for contentcreation in the professional, industrial and consumer markets.”

As with the Helix DNA Client, the free Helix DNA Producer sourcecode will allow developers to build applications that support any fileformat from any operating system platform. Application developers willalso be able to readily access code to integrate RealAudio, RealVideoand Ogg Vorbis output, and to expand the outputs to any number of mediaformats – such as Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3 andMPEG-4.

The Helix DNA Producer is available for the Windows and Linuxoperating systems. A pre-beta release of the Mac OS X version of theHelix DNA Producer is also available. The Helix DNA Producer will belicensed under both an open source and a commercial community sourcelicense. Both licenses are free of charge and include development anddistribution rights. Community source licensees desiring to port HelixDNA Producer to other platforms have the opportunity to access sourcecode of RealAudio and RealVideo for that purpose.

The Helix DNA Producer offers a robust platform for furtherdevelopment.

Features available in the Helix Community include:

An SDK encoding engine

Logging capabilities

Input filters

Ogg Vorbis support

Capture from Audio and Video devices

Ability to encode in RealAudio/RealVideo (available in binary codeform)

RealMedia file output and broadcast capabilities

RealEvent support

Also announced today was the release of RealMedia plug-in for AdobePremiere 6.0 and 6.5, which adds support for RealVideo 9.

Companies Supporting Helix DNA Producer

Pinnacle Systems

“Helix DNA Producer supports multiple formats and standards in asingle encoding platform, which is essential in today’s digital mediamarket,” said Greg Lowitz, General Manager of Palladium Media Solutionsat Pinnacle Systems. “We are excited to be working with the Helixcommunity to provide world-class authoring and encoding solutions forcreative professionals focused on broadband, broadcast, and wirelesscontent delivery.”


“Virage is pleased to be working with RealNetworks, the Helix DNAProducer, and the Helix Community,” said Dave Girouard, Senior VicePresident, Marketing and Business Development, Virage, Inc. “Today,more than ever, content creators want their video assets in multipledistribution formats, such as RealVideo, Windows Media, MPEG-4 and manyothers. By using the Helix DNA Producer our development team can nowfocus more on added value features for our customers, rather thanimplementing multiple redundant encoding engines. We are excited to seethe industry drive towards an industry standard encoding platform.”


“Envivio is working with RealNetworks and the Helix DNA technologyto develop a mobile media encoder for the wireless industry,” saidJulien Signes, President and CTO of Envivio. “The resulting encodingproduct, that will ship early in ’03, will provide content creators asingle, high-quality encoding solution for 3GPP, 3GPP2 and RealAudioand RealVideo content.”


“CollabNet is excited to be working with RealNetworks on thisexciting Helix initiative. RealNetworks partnered with CollabNetbecause of our unique blend of experience providing open sourcecommunity development and at the same time providing a world-classplatform for commercial collaborative development,” said BrianBehlendorf, Founder and CTO, CollabNet “Our teamwork is paying has already demonstrating tremendous communityinterest, and we look forward to facilitating the success of thesedevelopers.”

About Helix

Helix is a platform and a community for the standardization andexpansion of digital media. Helix DNA consists of source code developedover eight years by RealNetworks for the creation, delivery andplayback of digital media, as well as a set of interfaces for buildingmedia-enabled applications. Helix Community members use this sourcecode to build media-capable products with industry-leading technology,intellectual property and commonly used interfaces. The Helix Communityoffers source code of the Helix DNA under both commercial community andopen source licenses available at RealNetworkshas also released a family of products built on top of the Helix DNAplatform including the Helix Universal Server, and the RealOne Player.The Helix Community software infrastructure is powered by the CollabNetSourceCast environment.

About RealNetworks

RealNetworks, Inc. is the global leader in Internet media delivery.It develops and markets software products and services designed toenable users of personal computers and consumer electronic devices tosend and receive audio, video and other multimedia services using theWeb. Consumers can access and experience audio/video programming anddownload RealNetworks’ consumer software on the Internet RealNetworks’ systems and corporate information islocated on the Internet at