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‘Quarry’ Director Greg Yaitanes on Presenting the Vietnam War in a Way That Hasn’t Been Seen

Greg Yaitanes–who directed all 8 episodes of Cinemax’s Quarry--knew from the get-go that he wanted to incorporate a long take into each episode as a signature style. Yaitanes also saved the most impressive for last, presenting a 12-minute Vietnam battle scene filmed with practical effects and only two hidden cuts as part of the show’s season finale. The scene took months of preparation to pull off.

“When I had read the material when I had come on, the guys write in such a way that there was such a strong point of view of character. In doing that, wanted to present not only just that scene, but really every episode has a long, unbroken take within it. That was part of the grounding visual design that I landed on when I started to formulate it,” Yaitanes tells HitFix. “It started to branch out from there that we would have these long takes where we would experience things as the character was experiencing them. The Vietnam sequence especially, looking at all the references, looking at the shoulders of giants I was trying to accomplish Vietnam on… it was very daunting. Wanting to present it in a way that hadn’t been seen or experienced in the genre was also a consideration.”

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