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Public Broadcaster WGBH Boston and Sun Microsystems, Inc. Open World’s First iForce Solution Center for Digital Asset Management

BOSTON and SANTA CLARA, Calif.,– WGBH Boston, the leading producerof PBS prime-time and children’s programs and online content, and SunMicrosystems, Inc. announced the grand opening of the first Sun iForceSolution Center for Digital Asset Management.

The Center provides proof-of-concept testing facilities designed tohelp broadcast networks, television stations and other digitalmedia-intensive businesses, as well as governmental and educationalinstitutions, save millions of dollars by building architectures tobetter manage their digital assets — including still images, graphics,text, video and audio — and create new revenue streams from theircontent. The ribbon cutting will be held today at the new iForceSolution Center, which is being hosted by the public broadcaster at itsheadquarters in Boston.

This iForce Solution Center features Sun’s Digital Asset ManagementReference Architecture, which provides detailed methodologies fordesigning and deploying a proven, standards-based, end-to-end digitalasset management platform. Once the infrastructure is in place, digitalassets can be more effectively searched, retrieved, shared, reused andarchived.

Each Reference Architecture includes detailed architecture,implementation and sizing guides, as well as access to Sun’sproof-of-concept facilities at iForce Centers worldwide, to helpcustomers lower risk while making informed decisions prior to deployingarchitectures in their own production environments.

The iForce Solution Center at WGBH provides an ideal environment formultimedia business to test and fine-tune the platform that willtransform their enterprise media asset management prior to making acapital investment.

As a producer and distributor of national content on multipleplatforms, WGBH collaborated with Sun to consolidate its assets ontodigital media as a means of maximizing its value. “The alliance betweenSun and WGBH produced a truly end-to-end digital asset managementsolution, which is critical to the future of WGBH as a producer,packager and distributor of content,” said David Liroff, Vice Presidentand Chief Technology Officer at WGBH.

“Sun’s Digital Asset Management Reference Architecture is key to ourability to fully realize the value of the content we create bothinternally and across multiple platforms. Savings and incrementalrevenues can then be redirected to furthering the mission of publicbroadcasting organizations like WGBH, or to finding new ways tomonetize these digital assets.”

“Sun Reference Architectures underscore our commitment to drivingcost and complexity out of the datacenter through proven, pre-testedsolutions versus throwing people at the problem,” said Clark Masters,executive vice president, Enterprise Systems Products at SunMicrosystems, Inc. “By using proven methodologies for building assetmanagement infrastructures, customers can realize substantial costsavings in creating and distributing digital content. Businesses alsocan reduce IT budgets by using the repeatable methodologies embodied bySun’s Reference Architectures.”

The Digital Asset Management Reference Architecture was developedthrough a close collaboration between WGBH Boston and Sun Microsystems,with assistance from Artesia Technologies, a leader in enterpriseDigital Asset Management, and Sony Electronics, Inc., a leader inbroadcast and data media technologies. The end-to-end architecture alsoincorporates technology from Apple; Grass Valley products from ThomsonBroadcast and Media Solutions; Harris Automation Solutions; Telestream;and Virage, a division of Autonomy Corporation.

WGBH Boston has a long history of pioneering work. In 1972, WGBHbroke the silence barrier with the development of the world’s firsttelevision captioning for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. In 1990,the public broadcaster launched the national Descriptive Video Service(DVS), providing viewers who are blind or visually impaired withsupplemental narration about characters, action, and settings.

More information on WGBH’s DAM initiative, Sun’s iForce Initiativeand Sun Reference Architectures is available at, and