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QooCam Introduces Pocket 8K 360-Degree Camera

Qoocam has released QooCam 8K, the world’s smallest 8K 360-camera.

Able to capture stunning 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps footage thanks to a 1/1.7″ sensor, QooCam 8K is the world’s first consumer 360° camera that achieves APS-C level image quality. With a 2.4″ touchscreen, QooCam 8K is small enough to fit in your pocket, and also powerful enough to livestream.

Thanks to 6-axis gyro, IMU sensor, and advanced stabilization technology, the patented SuperSteady of QooCam 8K helps you capture smooth, stable footage in any situation. From the everyday to the extreme, say goodbye to the gimbal and take QooCam 8K for the adventure.

Image Quality

QooCam 8K’s effective sensor area is 246% of the first generation of QooCam, and 20MP photo for each lens. It offers better photosensitivity, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and higher resolution. In SuperHDR mode, the camera captures a rapid burst of DNG photos, and aligns and blends them algorithmically to get one 16bit DNG and JPG, resulting in less noise, higher dynamic range and no ghosts HDR photos. Using computational photography of Kandao Raw+, SuperHDR photos are brighter, cleaner, sharper and see more details in low light with 3 times higher image quality.

Slow Motion, Touchscreen, and Editing On-the-Go

The QooCam 8K allows you to capture slow motion in 4K 360 at 120fps and can even go to 960fps 4K with Kandao AI Slow Motion. The 2.4” touchscreen allows you to preview, playback, frame, and adjust parameters in real time.

In addition to the touchscreen, you can also use the QooCam app to remotely control and quick edit your footage on-the-go. Besides 360-degree video exporting, SmartClip adds movie magic to your clips with a variety of templates to choose from, enabling beginners to edit 360-degree videos like a pro. QooCam Studio, meanwhile, offers full-featured editing tools allowing users to quickly batch edit footage or run AI Slow Motion.

Catering to vloggers, users can choose Vlog mode to activate SuperVlog, quickly rendering 8K 360-degree video. QooCam 8K makes 4K 360-degree livestreaming more affordable and accessible, supporting streaming to various platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

The camera also has a 3.5mm mic port to support an external professional mic, a built-in 3000mAh battery that supports charging while shooting, and built-in 64G of storage with support of external SD cards up to 256G.