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What’s the Deal With… Apple’s 16-Inch MacBook Pro?

This is the perfect laptop for creatives who want a Mac and need mobility coupled with horsepower.

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Apple Releases More Powerful GPU Configuration for 16-inch MacBook Pro

If you own a four- or five- year old MacBook Pro and have been waiting for a worthy update, then the 16″ version released late last year just might temp you to pull out the credit card.

This is the perfect laptop for creatives who want a Mac and need mobility coupled with horsepower. It features 6-core and 8-core options, up to 64GB RAM, an AMD 5000M series GPU with up to 8GB VRAM, and up to 8TB of fast, internal SSD storage. This MacBook Pro is not only a good option for on-site editing and graphic design, but it can serve as your main workstation. Period.

Apple loaned me an 8-core/64GB model and I’ve run a series of tests and sample projects using 4K and larger media through Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Resolve, Motion, and After Effects. Performance is extremely fluid and head-to-head tests with a 10-core/64GB iMac Pro produce comparable results.

As with the preceding 15″ model, there are four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, plus a headphone jack. Any port can support a power connection, but plan on needing a few adapters, a Thunderbolt dock, or USB hub in order to plug in most USB or older Thunderbolt 2 devices, likes hard drives, keyboards, dongles, and thumb drives.

Want to build your edit bay around this? Then consider adding an external display and speakers or even an eGPU for extra power. Some can power the MacBook Pro through a Thunderbolt 3 connection, which helps to reduce cable clutter.

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Apple rounded out the MacBook Pro’s features with a higher-density, P3/500 nits Retina display, six-speaker sound, and an improved keyboard.

The new Magic Keyboard on the 16-inch MacBook Pro

If you are doing standard computing tasks, then Apple claims up to 11 hours of battery life; however, expect only a few hours of life when doing heavy editing in Final Cut or any other NLE while on battery power.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro uses advanced thermal architecture ever in a Mac notebook to enable the system to run at higher power for sustained periods of time.

Whether your gig is editing, music, photography or design, this new 16″ MacBook Pro is a worthy addition to the Apple Mac line-up.

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