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Production House Ensures Reliability with ProAm USA

Quality, portability, durability and reliability: these are the four must-haves when we choose our gear for each project. We shoot on location all over the world, where luxuries like AC power and rental houses are often not available. When we’re shooting in the middle of the rainforest, it’s unlikely that we’ll have access to a video village or 24-inch director’s monitor. Our setups have to be mobile and lightweight, which means as few cables and loose pieces as possible.

When we need to pull focus and provide playback for the director and client, we rely on the ProAm USA Wireless HD LCD Monitor. It works every time, hassle-free with almost zero setup—just plug in and go. The monitor delivers every feature we need, from bright, high-quality output to peaking, false color and exposure monitoring. Best of all, it does this completely cable-free, and the HDMI out on the rear of the monitor allows us to easily daisy-chain this system when multiple screens are needed. It travels in a nice small package, and the included sunshade has really come in handy.

We have put just about every other high-end wireless system to the test, and there is always some lag time or signal interference. The ProAm USA Wireless HD LCD Monitor has never left us hanging. After working with it, it makes us wonder why nobody brought this all-in-one solution to market sooner.

Tyler Wolff is director and founder of New World Order Production House.