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Productions in Adobe Premiere Pro: This Collab Tool Couldn’t Come at a Better Time

The Productions feature is specifically geared towards multi-editor projects working from shared storage

We aren’t meeting in Las Vegas this year, but the NAB 2020 season is in full swing. Numerous companies have taken this opportunity to time new product releases around NAB as they normally would. The internet will be the place for virtual product announcements and in-depth demonstrations and training. This includes Adobe, whose latest April 14 Premiere Pro release includes the new Productions in Premiere Pro feature.

Productions in Premiere Pro

Adobe has steadily been adding power and features to Premiere Pro in order to appeal to a wide range of users. Productions will be part of the standard Premiere Pro build and it comes on the heels of Auto Reframe, another useful feature added to Premiere Pro a few months ago. While the Productions feature is specifically geared towards multi-editor projects working from shared storage, it can also be used in other scenarios. For example, a single editor working alone can still benefit from the file structure of Productions.

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When using Productions in Premiere Pro, projects are organized into relationships between the master project and other associated “sub” projects. One case might be a feature film production with a master project file and separate project files for each reel. This new Premiere Pro update adds a Productions panel to the user interface, which is a mirror of the folder and project file structure on your storage volume or local hard drive. You can control read/write access to projects from the panel. Dependent projects within the master Productions project are cross-referenced to avoid duplicate media clips. In addition, the location for preview renders, cache files, autosaves, etc are globally assigned for Productions, so all systems will use these same locations.

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Productions in Premiere Pro has been battled-tested for the past few months with a variety of high-profile feature film productions, such as Terminator: Dark Fate and David Fincher’s upcoming Mank. Adobe is also working with companies such as BeBop Technology to extend Productions project hosting into the cloud.

ProRes RAW, Team Projects, and the Video Livestream

Many Premiere Pro editors have been asking for Apple ProRes RAW and Blackmagic RAW codec support. BRAW is supported when you install the Blackmagic RAW software update. ProRes RAW support is currently in beta testing. Expect to see that feature later this year.

In response to Covid-19, Adobe is also making available free access to Team Projects from April 14 until August 17, 2020. Team Projects are Premiere Pro or After Effects project files hosted in the cloud through Adobe Creative Cloud. This feature is typically used when multiple editors collaborate at a distance. Project files are located on Adobe’s cloud, but each editor maintains local copies of the media. Normally this is only available to Team or Enterprise accounts, but is temporarily being opened to all Creative Cloud users running the latest versions of Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC.

Stay Indoors Education: Adobe’s Week of Wonders (and Webcasts) 

Finally, in bringing NAB virtually to you, Adobe is launching its NAB edition of “Adobe Video: Livestream Series with Jason Levine.” Daily sessions run each morning (Pacific time) from April 14th until the 17th. Sessions will feature Adobe specialists and customers demonstrating features, discussing workflows, and sharing their tips and tricks.

Adobe’s Jason Levine