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NEP Rolls Out NEP Home Studio

Designed for virtual events, live streams or traditional broadcasts

NEP is bringing its production knowledge to the home amid the coronavirus pandemic, announcing the launch of the NEP Home Studio, designed for talent to “go live” during virtual events, live streams or traditional broadcasts.

NEP Home Studio has two ways for clients to create a one-camera studio setup anywhere. The first is Studio-in-a-Box, which includes a remote camera, audio, built-in lighting and return video monitor; it can be operable as soon as it is connected to the internet. The second option is Studio-in-an-App, which provides the same functionality as Studio-in-a-box over a laptop or mobile device.

Image courtesy of NEP

Able to work anywhere there is an internet connection, these Home Studios connect to NEP on the back-end—i.e. mobile unit, flypack or an NEP HUB—to support production.

NEP, combining its AR technology with the Home Studio, can build a virtual studio that incorporates talent live on-site with talent working remotely.

NEP offers the replay, audio mixing, video mixing, graphics and editing centrally. These are currently in the testing phase, but some are available immediately with Home Client technology used by NEP’s Virtualized Editing platform.

Image courtesy of NEP

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