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ProAm USA Monitors: Stress-Free Under Pressure

Quality and reliability are must-haves for our gear. As one of the freelance camera operators on the Discovery TV show Fast N’ Loud, I depend on ProAm USA’s Iris Pro wireless HD monitor to get me through my shoots. It is one of the fastest monitors to set up, and also the most affordable of its kind on the market. I simply plug the wireless transmitter into the HDMI out on my camera and gimbal setup, and it quickly connects to the monitor. This makes it easy for the producer or director to view the footage from a distance, without the hassle of cables. I love using the wireless monitor with my camera truck to film moving vehicles. It’s so easy to connect and saves tons of time by not having to run a cable to the inside of my truck. I have been very pleased with the ProAm wireless monitor. It provides the mobility and dependability that my clients and I can count on time after time, plus it’s ready to use straight out of the box. The ProAm USA Iris Pro wireless HD monitor has become my go-to monitor on every project.

Rick Cox is a freelance camera operator and owner of Imai Cox Productions.