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ProAm USA Autopilot is Top Choice for University Film Program

The camera stabilizer became popular when I was a student at Penn State in the late 1970s. Back then, creating stabilized shots required a ton of training and tens of thousands of dollars. The exciting thing about this field is that technology has changed it so much. Today you can duplicate those same smooth movements with something like the ProAm USA Autopilot for only a few hundred dollars.

I’ve been teaching cinematography for 11 years now. I always tell students that if you can imagine it, the equipment exists to make it a reality. We have several brands of stabilizers in our equipment cage, but the one that gets the most use is the ProAm USA Autopilot. The Autopilot is easier to set up and no other stabilization device has a shorter learning curve.

You rarely see stabilized shots in student projects, but ProAm USA equipment allows our students to create more professional looking films.

Our students have ProAm USA equipment out of the cage literally every single day. Naturally, university equipment is subject to quite a bit of wear and tear, but the Autopilots have yet to break. With so many students, having dependable products is crucial. ProAm USA provides peace of mind.

Chuck Gloman is an associate professor and chair of the TV/film department at DeSales University.