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ProAm CarryOn Jib Travels the World for Audi

I have traveled to many locations around the world to film the Audi Quattro Challenge. Locations vary greatly, from remote ice tracks to steep urban streets. Flying with gear can be difficult enough, and making the trek to a remote location with tons of equipment can be even worse. I am always on the run. A good camera jib that is not only compact but strong enough to support a camera up to 10 pounds can be hard to find.

The CarryOn Jib by ProAm USA is the perfect solution for my productions. It is 6 feet long with an optional 2-foot extension and can be set up in less than two minutes, no tools required. And it fits into a 22-inch carrying bag. The CarryOn Jib is lighter than any other portable or travel jib I have tested. With the jib extension, you will raise your camera to almost 12 feet in height, which is amazing for such a compact jib. That’s definitely a game-changer on set.

Frederik Watzka

I am always looking to capture unique shots. With the CarryOn Jib, I can get slider-like shots, wide angle tracking shots and standard climbing shots. Its compact size allows me to take it anywhere I like, so you will always find this piece of gear with me.

Frederik Watzka is an award-winning producer based in Germany.