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Postproduction Goes Mobile with Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Express

As the drum and percussion technician for Elton John, Chris Sobchack is used to being on the road. It’s why he needed to complete much of the postproduction work for Please Tell Me I’m Adopted! while on tour using Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Studio for editing, grading and finishing, along with Blackmagic Design’s UltraStudio Express capture and playback device.

Please Tell Me I’m Adopted! is an original short-form comedy series from Wraptastic Productions available now on Amazon. In addition to executive producing the series, Chris and his wife Nicole, the show’s creator, also handled the entire postproduction process. From hotel rooms to tour buses, no space was off limits for Sobchack to turn into a mini post suite during his free time and using his portable setup.

Sobchack’s toolkit included an Apple MacBook Pro running DaVinci Resolve Studio, with portable drives, USB hubs and UltraStudio Express. The UltraStudio Express was used as an output device to harness the full power of DaVinci Resolve Studio for color grading.

“I would create a LUT for a totally unadjustable hotel room TV monitor and then use the UltraStudio Express to output my grading images to the screen via HDMI. I knew that the images I was working with were absolutely true,” says Sobchack. “I never would have thought to use DaVinci Resolve Studio’s advanced output LUT capabilities until I realized that the UltraStudio Express could act as the bridge to my grading output monitor.”