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Post Logic Studios Hollywood Unveils Post Logic Cinema Digital

Hollywood, CA—Leading full-service postproduction company PostLogic Studios announced the launch of Post Logic Cinema Digital, a newdivision of the Hollywood-based facility that will provide end-to-enddigital intermediate services. Extending Post Logic Studios’ expertisein meeting the digital mastering needs of Academy Award-winningdirectors and cinematographers, Post Logic Cinema Digital will offertelecine, color correction, digital intermediate film-out and downconversion of film projects from Post Logic’s brand-new,1500-square-foot digital theater. The plush, 20-seat space, whichfeatures comparisons of digital and film images on a 24-by-10-footscreen and acoustics designed by Tom Holman, opened its doorstoday.

Over the past decade, Post Logic Studios has become a destinationfor digital film mastering, with directors including Steven Spielberg,Sam Mendes, Frances Ford Coppola, and Robert Rodriguez, and DPs rangingfrom Vittorio Storaro and Janusz Kaminski to the late Conrad Hallentrusting their motion pictures to Post Logic colorists. With its newdigital intermediate workflow, Post Logic Cinema Digital springboardson this experience and client base to give filmmakers the same level offrame-by-frame interaction and control over the look of a theatricalrelease that has long been enjoyed for creating television,after-market video and DVD versions.

“Post Logic Cinema Digital marks the launch of a much-anticipateddigital intermediate service, provided by the same talent that has madePost Logic Hollywood’s choice for high-definition mastering for years,”commented Barry Snyder, President and CEO of Post Logic Studios. “Wehave invested in the people and relationships to support the businessof digital intermediate. Now, we’ve also made a major investment in thesupporting infrastructure, of which the beautifully appointed,high-tech new theater recently constructed at Post Logic Studios is thecenterpiece.”

“Our philosophy in equipping ourselves for digital intermediate wasnot ‘Build it and they will come’; A-list filmmakers and DPs arealready here, sitting side by side with Lou Levinson, Bryan McMahan,John Persichetti, Michael Underwood, and our other HD colorists on adaily basis,” said Post Logic Executive Vice President Larry Birstock,who will oversee the new unit. “While we could have easily jumped headfirst into the digital intermediate fray, we elected instead to investtime up front soliciting client input, working with the bestconsultants, taking advantage of constantly improving technologies andlearning from what has and hasn’t worked in the field so far. We areconfident that the digital intermediate experience at Post Logic CinemaDigital will be on par with our high creative and technical standardsand, more importantly, with those of the discerning filmmakers andstudio executives who frequent our facility.”

Post Logic Cinema Digital clients will color time and monitor theirmovies for film or digital cinema release with colorists from the newtheater, which features comparisons of digital and film images using aDLP digital projector and a Kinoton film projector equipped to run atfull speed, in slow motion and frame to frame. Thanks to a storagecapacity of more than 36 terrabytes, clients can work comfortably atresolutions ranging from 2K to 4K. At the front end of the process,clients can opt to make their material the best it can be from thestart with Post Logic Cinema Digital’s color-corrected film scanning.Clients can also do HD color correction, pan-and-scan and even realtime2K color correction sessions directly on the theater screen, with PostLogic Cinema Digital routing in video signals from around thefacility’s telecine, Quantel iQ and other suites.

The theater’s 5.1-channel AC-3 sound system provides an outstandinguniform performance environment in which to evaluate and make criticalcreative decisions. The installation is TMH Qualified for both audioand video, designed in consultation with Tom Holman, who developed theTHX Sound System.

A key final advantage offered by Post Logic Cinema Digital is theability to meet client requirements from A to Z under one roof. Digitalintermediate does not happen in a vacuum, but is integrally connectedwith other post-production functions such as editing, visual andoptical effects, video versioning and quality control. Post LogicCinema Digital is backed by the comprehensive resources of Post LogicStudios, a MPAA-compliant, fully networked facility whose services alsocover D1 linear editing, digital nonlinear editing, film-to-tape andtape-to-tape telecine, transfer and color correction, film scanning andrestoration, visual effects compositing and CGI, ADR, V/O and Foleyrecording and editing and audio mixing.

About Post Logic Studios
Post Logic Studios has been a Hollywood mainstay in high-endpost-production for over ten years. The company provides unmatcheddigital mastering, post-production, visual effects, and audiopost-production services to feature film, commercial and televisionclients from its flagship Hollywood facility and Santa Monica-basedeffects boutique Creo. Encompassing a team of the feature film andcommercial community’s most talented digital artists, Post LogicStudios continues to lead and innovate in the quality of its work andits technical service offerings. For more information about Post LogicStudios, please visit, or call (323)461-7887.