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Pop’s ‘Sing It On’ Competition Wins with Shure

Giving viewers a look at the hard work, talent and strategy needed to succeed on the competitive a cappella circuit, the Pop network reality series Sing It On follows groups around the country as they juggle academics and rehearsals while vying for a spot at the Varsity Vocals ICCA.

To power ICCA performances for the competing a cappella groups featured on Sing It On, Varsity Vocals worked with Liquid 5th Productions to manage audio production. Carl Taylor, Liquid 5th’s CEO and chief mixing engineer, deployed 24 channels of Shure ULX-D digital wireless systems, split across 20 performers and Sing It On emcees, along with KSM8 handheld microphones.

“The traveling ICCA competition takes place in cities with crowded RF environments, and we needed wireless mics that could address potential interference to ensure no dropouts,” says Taylor. “By using ULX-D in combination with Wireless Workbench, finding available frequencies and distributing them is a breeze.”

Over the course of the ICCA tournament season, the mics go through the hands of up to 700 performers, requiring uncompromised durability. “The sound quality of the KSM8 also can’t be beat,” Taylor notes. “Its bright sound and feedback rejection allows us to drive up the volume from the mics for mixing during the show without noise that would otherwise undermine audio clarity.”