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Pomp&Clout Breathes Sigh of Relief with Small Tree Storage

Pomp&Clout, a Brooklyn-based design and media production company, recently had the opportunity to work on a music video (“Our Love”) for EDM artist Caribou. We filmed in Ireland in 48 fps 6K (6144 x 3072) on a RED EPIC Dragon, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery that Ireland provides, but it was a nervous flight home given the less than stellar drives we sourced while overseas.

We were able to breathe easier once back in New York as a result of our decision to install Small Tree’s TitaniumZ-16 Ethernet-based shared storage system. In the studio, we blocked out the timing in Adobe Premiere using raw 6K footage directly from the TitaniumZ-16 via 10 Gb Ethernet connections on two of our workstations.

TitaniumZ-16 rack

What was amazing to me was that my creative director, Aaron Vinton, and I could both work off of raw 6K footage simultaneously while experiencing zero lag. What’s more, other members of our team were working on completely different footage from the TitaniumZ-16 at the same time—again with zero lag.

The shared storage system works flawlessly with all of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, as was required at our facility where four workstations, including an Apple Mac Pro, two MacBook Pros and a PC machine, are connected directly the TitaniumZ without a switch to help achieve lower latency.

Ryan Staake is executive producer and director at Pomp&Clout.