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Plura Monitors Installed at Denali Media Holdings

TI Broadcast Solutions Group (TIBSG) is a design/build systems integration company in Norcross, Ga., specializing in new facility programming and planning for new or enhanced facilities. One of their current projects is in Anchorage, Alaska, for Denali Media Holdings (DMH). DMH asked TIBSG to design a “lightweight” and flexible media center, as well as a comprehensive high-definition video monitoring system for the media center.

As this is a large plant, the distance from room to room is considerable. DMH needed high-quality broadcast-type monitors in locations throughout the facility, from video monitors at the various engineering stations in the plant to a jib arm monitor that’s used in the operation’s news studio.

After a period of research, TIBSG consultants selected monitoring products from Plura Broadcast. The Plura monitors were uniquely able to satisfy DMH’s technical requirements, including the ability to handle the decoding and presentation of both 608 and 708 closed caption information. The Plura units offered built-in audio monitoring capabilities, an extensive set of built-in video measurement tools, and a fast screen response time. As the DMH media center is a 24/7 operation, another important consideration was the monitors’ reliability and Plura’s high level of technical support.

TIBSG outfitted the DMH facility with numerous Plura monitors, including quite a few PBM-317S 17” display units in strategic locations. The company also deployed a number of Plura’s PBM-209-3G 9” monitors. One of them is being used with the newsroom jib arm.