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‘For the Plasma’ Filmmakers Conceived the Film as a “Way to Get Lost”

Bingham Bryant and Kyle Molzan’s debut feature film, For the Plasma, is a non-traditional supernatural narrative about two young friends searching for patterns and meaning–a story that’s echoed in the way the film itself is structured.

Bryant and Molzan tell Filmmaker Magazine that three specific films influenced theirs–Ermanno Olmi’s The Scavengers, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Charisma, and Raúl Ruiz’s The Territory–and that they were bound by one unique trait in all of them: “strangeness.”

“There are superficial connections, like this strange plot taking place in a forest that seems always to get further and further out of control,” says Bryant. “All three of the films do have that. At the same time, the ways that they open up and the directions they go in are all completely different. I think Plasma is completely different, as well. Maybe this sense of exploration of always trying to find new paths. Of conceiving of a film not as something that was a way to get from point A to point B, but a way to get lost. To just keep on finding new things and trying out new ways of thinking. That’s something that’s still our ambition.”

The film is available to view on-demand through Vimeo (found below). Read the full story here.

FOR THE PLASMA from Factory 25 on Vimeo.