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‘Planet Earth II’ Producer Spills the Inside Story of Capturing the Incredible Snake vs. Iguana Chase Sequence

Vulture speaks to

Planet Earth II

producer Liz White about how they captured the incredible snake vs. iguana chase sequence that became an immediate viral hit.

“The thing was, there was no guarantee we’d actually really get the shots, because it all happened so fast,” says White. “It’s only when you go back to the boat in the evening and you go through footage that you can actually see whether it’s in focus. This chase happened and the cameraman was swearing and going, ‘Oh, s*** I don’t think it’s in focus.’ In fact, if you watch the sequence, there are shots that are not in focus, where the focus is actually on the rocks behind and not iguana. Amazingly, where it comes into focus is just as the snake bites. It ended up being more tense at the end of filming because we’re suddenly going, ‘Well, that was amazing but we don’t actually know if we’ve got it.’ It’s why we kept working for two weeks — to really make sure we had enough material.”

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