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Pixion Enters Hosted Web Conferencing Market

Designed to shatter the performance and usability barriers that havelimited the growth of the Web conferencing marketplace, Pixion, Inc.,today announced the availability of PictureTalk Hosted Services, aperformance-oriented, cross-platform interactive meeting solution basedon the company’s patented Client-Server-Client(CSC) Web conferencingarchitecture. With the introduction of PictureTalk Hosted Services,Pixion is the only provider of both enterprise software andservice-based Web conferencing solutions to enable all types ofmeetings for large and small businesses.

Pixion’s PictureTalk Hosted Services delivers secure Webconferencing without the bandwidth constraints of the peer-to-peernetworking technology employed by most other Web conferencing serviceproviders. Pixion’s CSC architecture eliminates network bottlenecksthat drag the performance of peer-to-peer Web meetings down to that ofthe single slowest participant’s Internet connection. And, unlike manycompetitive offerings, PictureTalk Hosted Services avoids”feature-creep” – the tendency of service providers to integratemyriad, often complex features that provide marginal user benefit tomost of their users. PictureTalk Hosted Services is designed to meetthe vast majority of Web conferencing user’s needs simply, easily andcost-effectively.

“Web conferencing is on the verge of becoming a mainstream businessapplication,” said Robert DeKoning, Pixion’s president and CEO. “Weexpanded our product offerings with PictureTalk Hosted Services to meetcustomer’s requirements where other hosted Web conferencing serviceshave failed. Our approach was to zero in on those features thatbusinesses really need – a Web conferencing service that offers theideal combination of performance, functionality, security andconvenience.”

Pixion market research identified four key frustrations experiencedby many hosted Web conferencing service users: the inability toaccurately predict the cost of Web conferencing; difficulty incontrolling the presenter/attendee meeting experience; lack of onlineaudio/teleconferencing integration; and a lack of flexibility inrunning Web conferencing solutions over cross-platform environments.PictureTalk Hosted Services’ features are designed specifically toaddress these requirements.

PictureTalk Hosted Services will is available beginning at $120 perconnection/per month. Individual meeting or large event pricing usingPixion’s WebSeminar(TM) is available directly from Pixion. Please or call (925)467-5300 for more information.