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Pixar Builds Massive Intel and Racksaver-based Renderfarm

Pixar Animation Studios, the Academy Award-winning creator of “ToyStory” and “Monsters, Inc.,” announced that it is working with IntelCorporation and RackSaver to create one of the most powerful computerinstallations ever used for digital animation.

Pixar’s new RenderFarm, used to create the digital images for eachframe of animation in its movies, will consist of 1024 Intel Xeonprocessors inside of eight new RackSaver BladeRack supercomputingclusters running Pixar’s own RenderMan software. The RenderFarmfeatures two terabytes of memory and 60 terabytes of disk space. EachIntel Xeon processor at 2.8 GHz is about five times faster than theolder RISC-based processors in Pixar’s outgoing RenderFarm. Pixar isusing the system for its film, “The Incredibles,” scheduled for a 2004release.

Each BladeRack contains 66 dual-processor servers in an innovativearrangement that provides excellent cooling for very dense clusters.Pixar worked closely with RackSaver and Intel on the design of thesystems, which are built around the tailored Intel SE7500WV2 serverboard. Pixar also utilized the assistance of Intel Solution Servicesand the sophistication of Intel compilers and performance tuning toolsto boost the performance of their RenderMan software by 50 percent onthe Intel-based systems.

About Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios (Nasdaq: PIXR, combinescreative and technical artistry to create original stories in themedium of computer animation. Pixar has created four of the mostsuccessful and beloved animated films of all time: AcademyAward-winning “Toy Story” (1995); “A Bug’s Life” (1998); GoldenGlobe-winner “Toy Story 2″ (1999); and the Academy Award-winning”Monsters, Inc.” (2001). Pixar’s four films have earned more than $1.7billion at the worldwide box office to date. The Northern Californiastudio’s next three film releases are “Finding Nemo” (May 30, 2003),”The Incredibles” (holiday 2004) and “Cars” (holiday 2005).

About Intel

Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, is also a leadingmanufacturer of computer, networking and communications products.Additional information about Intel is available

About RackSaver

RackSaver, Inc. is a world-class provider of high-density individualrack-mounted computer servers and supercomputer clusters, high-densitycomputing solutions, computing systems as well as other softwareintegration services. The company’s state-of-the-art servers andsupercomputer clusters primarily utilize the Linux operating systems,the fastest growing segments of the server market. The company alsooffers servers with the Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000 operatingsystems. RackSaver’s management team has more than 30 years ofexperience in server design and manufacturing. RackSaver has beeninstalling supercomputer clusters for the past four years. Thecompany’s systems are sold primarily to Fortune 2000 companies,universities, major research institutions, Internet service providersand research and development entities. RackSaver has been based in SanDiego for over five years and is committed to providing custom andturnkey solutions for virtually any market needing high-performancecomputing power at the lowest possible cost. To learn more aboutRackSaver and its unique supercomputing cluster solutions please or call (858) 874-3800.