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PIX 270i Enables Fast Turnaround at Canoe Slalom Championships

Nearly 400 athletes from 42 countries converged at Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) in Maryland’s scenic Garrett County for four days of competition at the 36th International Canoe Federation (ICF) Canoe Slalom World Championships, produced by global brand communications agency inVNT. inVNT tasked Frank Berman of Berman Media and Ron Honsa of Moving Pictures with capturing the ICF Championships, an effort that presented challenges related to the volume of events and the timeframe in which edited content was due.

There were 10 events in total, each with multiple heats at the manmade water park. inVNT’s 15-camera production team had to reliably capture four days of ongoing whitewater canoe competitions for more than 20 million global viewers. The ICF required extensive video coverage for its web and archive use. NBC Sports and Universal Sports Network, which aired the events, each requested distinct half-hour versions of the high-volume production.

Clark Media provided eight Video Devices PIX 270i recorders in flypacks to capture multiple camera ISOs from around the course. This allowed for a workflow that saw the fast ingest of all material shot in the field, whether competition footage or ENG-style content such as athlete interviews. Owing to the PIX 270i’s ability to record to up to four drives, the team was able to record master and protection copies concurrently, providing backup records of all the important angles, especially the start and finish of each race.