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Photojournalist Josh Haner Says Drones Have Democratized the Skies

New York Times

staff photographer Josh Haner explains how drone photography and videography have impacted his work, which include the award-winning

Carbon’s Casualties


One of the first things that attracted me to drone photography and videography was the ability to easily photograph scenes that in the past would have cost us thousands of dollars. It democratized the skies,” says Haner. “

Movement becomes really key with drone video, and that’s very difficult to do with a helicopter at some altitudes. It’s a unique experience to be able to navigate like a bird. I try not to use automated flight patterns because I feel that the rigidity of the curves that automation gives you isn’t very pleasing to the viewer. More organic movement that shows there’s a human behind this helps to bring people into these somewhat complex stories we’re trying to tell.”

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