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Philips and Digimarc Extend Watermarking Licensing Agreement to Audio Applications and Consumer Video Applications

Royal Philips Electronics and Digimarc Corporation have announcedthe signing of a new agreement that extends the licensing of Digimarc’sdigital watermarking patents to now include audio applications as wellas a broader range of video applications.

The new non-exclusive agreement now covers video and audioapplications in professional, governmental and consumer markets, thusexpanding the scope of applications and market opportunities of bothcompanies’ activities in digital watermarking.

Digimarc, with headquarters in Tualatin, Ore., first signed adigital watermarking licensing agreement with Philips in April 2001 tosupport deployment of Philips’ WaterCast digital video watermarkingsystem. This agreement was extended in September 2001 to licenseadditional applications to Philips and expand development andco-marketing activities. Since then, jointly developed solutions haveincluded video copyright communication, forensic tracking, assetmanagement and remote triggering applications. The latest agreementextends applications to the audio domain.

Commenting on the new agreement, Ronald Maandonks, business managerof Content Identification at Philips, said: “It is increasinglyimportant to be able to accurately identify content through the use ofdigital watermarking. The expansion of the licensing agreement withDigimarc confirms our respective leading positions in digitalwatermarking technology. Philips was the first company to offer digitalwatermarking applications in both video and audio, and we are thereforedelighted that we and Digimarc can look forward to expanding ouractivities together in these markets.”

Reed Stager, vice president of Digimarc Global Licensing, added:”Extending our cooperation with Philips reflects the recent increase incommercial interest and use of digital watermarking, and Philips iscontinuing to develop and drive innovative new audio and video productsand services into the market.”

Since the introduction of the first WaterCast commercial solutionsat IBC2000 in Amsterdam, Philips and its partners have successfullydeployed the system to monitor broadcast content in a number ofcountries in most regions of the world.