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Philip Bloom Goes Behind the Shots of His CNN Travel Documentary

Philip Bloom delves into some of his most challenging shots lensing CNN’s new travel show The Wonder List with his new web series Behind the Shot.

In the first episode, Bloom discusses using a pre-production DJI Inspire 1 drone to film inside a volcano. The second episode focuses on filming flying monkeys in super slow-motion. And the third episode is all about using the MoVI M5 stabilizer with the Sony A7s.

As he writes on his blog, “I also chose (rather insanely!) to really put a huge amount of production value into shooting the series, despite shooting this more or less as a one-man-band (apart from the B camera and occasional C camera operated by the two producers.) We are talking Sony F55/ FS7 including lots of super slow motion, Sony A7s with Movi was also used a huge amount and, when permitted, I used a “drone” as they are now pretty much officially called, for better or worse. I used a Phantom 2 with GoPro first then switched to the DJI Inspire 1.”

Read the full story (and watch Behind the Shot) here.