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Phil Holland Shines with SmallHD 702 Bright

On a shoot for a prominent tech company, director/DP Phil Holland employed a SmallHD 702 Bright to capture high-quality aerial footage while rigged up inside a helicopter. With a screen brightness rated at 1,000 nits, the 702 Bright was clearly visible during the aerial shoot’s changing lighting conditions. Holland notes, “The monitor’s compact size is a bonus in such tight quarters.”

He often uses the 702 Bright as a field monitor rigged up in a Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor Cage, with wireless receivers feeding the signal from his RED Weapon 6K camera. Holland says he uses it in various situations. “As a director or client monitor, its ability to load 3D LUTs shows us a nice preview of any creative look while rolling. As an AC or operator’s display, the 7-inch 1080p monitor combined with built-in focus assist tools allows critical focus to be monitored and locked. There’s a slew of exposure assist tools that provides an accurate idea of the shot without any surprises.”

Mostly he toggles the false color on/off to preview his exposure. Occasionally he’ll load up the waveform display to make sure values fall exactly where wants, which is particularly useful when dealing with tricky lighting or technically challenging scenarios. On bigger camera moves, he sometimes leaves the zebra indicators on while filming to subtly monitor exposure.

Whether in a helicopter or on the ground, Holland says that “the 702 Bright’s flexibility combined with the tremendously bright display makes it useful to have on any set.”