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Phantom High-Speed Cameras Capture Mach Diamonds

Vision Research turned its high-speed camera on carbon dioxide and a soda bottle in order to capture a phenomenon known as Mach Diamonds.

They write, “One of the great visual phenomena of aerospace propulsion is known as Mach Diamonds or Shock Diamonds. These static waves manifest in slightly under-expanded or over-expanded supersonic flow, caused by gas flowing at a pressure different to the ambient pressure of the atmosphere surrounding it, such as in the exhaust plumes of jet propelled aircrafts. At Vision Research, we were curious to see what these Mach Diamonds looked like the instant they were being formed. Since this happens at speeds that are too fast to see, this is a great example of where our Phantom high-speed digital cameras allow us to study these phenomena. Without immediate access to a jet, we turned to the next best thing; a soda bottle injected with CO2.”

Watch below and read the full story here.